Get things done while
prioritising your deen.

Meet the digital workspace for Muslims.
Track your time, tasks, and salah in one customisable space.

The workspace for Islamic productivity

Make salah a priority

Salah is the key to success. Pray consistently with the daily salah tracker and on-screen prayer reminders.

Your tracker includes fard, sunnah, and nafl rakahs, alongside options for Witr and Jummah.

Plan around your salah

Add custom prayer time-blocks to your Google and Outlook calendars.

View your upcoming calendar events and salah timeblocks within your workspace.

Stay connected to your deen

Select from a range of categories to
find the duas and adhkars you need

View the Hijiri calendar date and
customise your workspace greeting

Get things done with simple productivity tools

Track your daily focus time with a pomodoro timer

Manage daily tasks with a minimal to-do list

Customise your workspace for focus

Mix nature ambience and vocal-only nasheeds
Choose from a range of background images, videos and colour gradients

Tie Your Camel and Trust in Allah

Inspired by the Hadith of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, narrated in Al-Tirmidhi.

When a man left his camel without tying it, the Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) asked him,"Why don't you tie down your camel!?"The man answered,"I put my trust in Allah."The Prophet ﷺ replied, "Tie your camel first and then put your trust in Allah."

This hadith teaches the importance of fulfilling our responsibilities to the best of our ability and trusting in Allah.

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